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Mental health🌻

I’m not a health specialist but I decided to do something on mental health.Well,I’ll be tackling stress management in this article. Sure bet we have all experienced stress or stress like signs and symptoms in our day to day life..whether at work(meeting deadlines),school,when ill,when in a new environment, the arrival of a new born,during a pandemic (Covid-19),disasters such as floods, famine,your own thoughts,your body.

Stress is most commonly refered to as the body’s reaction to any change that requires response/adjustment.There are several physiological and emotional signs associated with stress:anger and irritability, lack of concentration, sleeplessness (insomnia),depression and anxiety,making bad decisions,restlessness. According to the American Psychological Association there are three types of stress -acute stress, episodic acute stress,chronic stress.Each of this has it’s own characteristics, duration and treatment approach.Some instances in our lives such as divorce,loss of a job,chronic illness/injury,death of a loved one,moving to a new environment, emotional problems (anger,anxiety,depression, guilt,grief,low self esteem) lead to stress.

How we deal with these instances is more important since it has an effect on our physical, mental,social life and health.Most of us do not know how to effectively manage stress,worrying or crying does not get rid of stress it instead makes it worse.

When we experience stress or stress like symptoms,being resilient is key.Being resilient means having the ability to persevere and continue functioning effectively despite challenges,losses or setbacks.Psychologists refer to resilience as the process of adapting well in the face of trauma,tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress such as health problems, financial problems, work challenges,family and relationship problems.There are  five major stress resilience skills

  • Self awareness-it is important to be self aware of your emotions,know what you feel and why you feel it,and how you can control or deal with what you feel.
  • Attaining and sustaining positive emotion/s
  • Attention -stability and flexibility of focus
  • Letting go-physically
  • Letting go-mentally.

Here are some tips on how to deal with stress

Practise and learn relaxation techniques, try yoga, try meditation. Try the Progressive Muscle Relaxation technique.This is a technique that was developed by Dr Edmund Jacobson .It involves relaxation and tension of particular muscle groups to reduce stress and build awareness of sensations of tension and relaxation in the muscles.Intially PMR was used to treat symptoms of anxiety but has recently been found effective in treating tension headaches,migraines, insomnia,high blood pressure (which are some of the signs and symptoms of stress).

Avoid overthinking-accept that there are situations and events that you can’t control..this will help lower the stress levels.

Eat healthy.Eat well balanced meals and ensure a high intake of foods rich in Vitamin C such as oranges and other citrus fruits. High intake of Vitamin C helps lower the levels of Cortisol-a stress causing hormone.It also helps lower blood pressure during high anxiety situations and experiences.

Be positive.Try as much as possible to shift your mind from negative thoughts so as to avoid over thinking. Normalize evaluating all situations and happenings calmly and positively.

Learn to open up to others about what you’re going through. Opening up about your problems would help find solutions to them since others may also have experienced what you’re experiencing…and got through it  successfully.

Exercise regularly. This helps relax your body,stay fit and healthy.

Learn and practise the art of letting go.The more you hold on to some things the more you get stressed. Learn to let go…even in tough situations.

Pray about it-especially what you can’t control.



Well,we’ve all at some point in our lives been victims of body shaming, especially the young teenage girls and those in their early 20’s.We have at some point been criticized about our body shape,body size,appearance….just to mention a few.Body shaming is generally a part of us…it’s happening everywhere.. from the TV shows we watch,the magazines we read,social we talk to our friends and relatives.It does not only happen to the obese/plus size people..but also to the thin/skinny.It’s effects are seen to have dominated the whole feminine community or rather…most victims of body shaming are females.

Sadly,negative body image is pretty common.You ever thought you had your make up on point and got criticized?maybe bcos your brows weren’t as perfect as they should?… That really hurts💔 .I know most of us have been criticized for the way they do their hair, their dress code,what they eat,how they talk,how they walk…..The size of their asses,boobs, hip size..and many others.These small instances of criticism tend to lower our self esteem.

The society and the media also portray an ideal woman as curvy fit and all that…these portrayals have led to many young people wanting to achieve this perfect”ideal” body size and shape…which in my case I would say might never be achieved.We are all trying to be perfect and forgetting to embrace our selves and our flaws.Most of us spend sleepless nights on the Internet trying to figure out how to attain this “perfection”..But the bottom line is why don’t you just work with what you have..Enjoy your body now and take good care of is your home.

Many suffer from depression, anorexia-an emotional disorder characterized by excessive desire to lose weight by refusing to eat…some experience social disconnection and want to be on their own since they’re ashamed of being with others.Criticism is going to be part of your life… So learn to live with it…engage yourself in being a better you for you.

Iskra Lawrence a British Plus Size Model encourages body positivity by highlighting some top tips to loving your body …

  • Idolizing the”dream body ” won’t make you happy.
  • Your health is not determined by your size
  • You’re meant to be you
  • You’re more than a label
  • Dress for your body
  • Realize that the negativity you’re experiencing is not your body’s fault
  • Celebrate your body’s strengths
  • Don’t let your body hold you back
  • Give love and receive love
  • Enjoy your body now.

Be POSITIVE about your BODY.

Eat healthy

Exercise regularly

Drink lots of water.

Choose YOU and be a better YOU for YOU.

Embrace your flaws

Be proud of who you’re and not ashamed of how someone else sees you.

#body positivity.#beyourowngroals.


  • Here’s to all the mothers
  • To all those that have watched their children grow,
  • Those that didn’t get to see their children grow
  • Those that have assumed the roles of a mother,
  • To all mothers that play the role of both parents,
  • To all mothers in heaven(Rest well)
  • To those that quit their jobs to grow with us
  • To those struggling between work and family,
  • To all the young mums,future mums
  • And to our mothers..y’all are a gift to us
  • We appreciate you not only today May 9
  • But everyday,every moment,anytime
  • Cheers to y’all mothers,you’re amazing!
  • You’re a sunshine and a light to your families and the world.
  • Thank you for bringing us to life and nurturing us to be responsible, and to posses all the virtues and values we have
  • Thank you for being our first love,first friend,first teacher, first chef and above all for simply being the best to your families.
  • Thank you for the little things you taught and still teach us..We appreciate the little and priceless moments that you share with us
    The little moments of laughter,smiles,sharing food, scolding us,flogging,patting our backs,building us up
    Amazing ,selfless,supportive,goofy,caring,paranoid,loving,role model
    Strong,children intelligent, creative,inspirational,beautiful
    All these would be an understatement to describe our mothers.
    “For a mother is the only person on earth who can divide her love among her 10
    children and each child still has all her love”.Unknown
    “A mother is she who can take the place of others,but whose place no one else can take”.

    Happy mother’s day mums
    Y’all are queens and mothers to the world and diversity
    Thank you for being the best you could ever be!You got this😊
    With love♥